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Genji - AI browser ninja that can complete any task on Chrome | Product Hunt
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How does Genji work?

You simply type your task in plain language, and Genji uses his ninja skills to deduce the next browser action repeatedly until your task is complete. You can even give him multiple tasks at the same time, so you literally have an army of helpful ninjas at your service.

Genji knows a ton of jutsu already

Reading the current state of your browser screen
Using AI to figure out the best actions to complete your task
Self-correcting when he makes a mistake

And he's about to learn a bunch more

Voice input commands & output messages
Scheduling tasks
Recording and replaying your video macros

Automate all your tasks

Whether personal or professional, the possibilities are endless
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Buy me a new pair of Airpods 2nd Generation on Amazon.

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Make a reservation for 2 at Nobu for next Saturday at 7 pm.

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Book the cheapest fight from Dallas to Vegas on December 20th.

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Create a Bollywood-style Spotify playlist for my cousin's wedding.

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Buy $1000 of SPY with my Robinhood account

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Let Joey know on Messenger that I can't make it to his game night.

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Go to my competitor's twitter profile and add today's tweets to a google sheet

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Research the best auth libraries and write an architecture doc with the options

Product Manager
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Send an email to Roger with the latest status of the billing project

QA Analyst
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Every time a code review is merged, check that the the UI still works

Data Scientist
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Check posthog and ping any new signups to a Slack channel

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Find leads on LinkedIn based on the Software Engineer job description on our Careers page


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